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 Mimi Graybill   2022-01-27 15:40:07 

I came across your lovely website in your Profile information from your TAL Renewal of your membership. I have noticed your work in the last 2 shows at TAL and loved the themes, textures and mixed media. Thanks so much for being so willing to be involved in the many ways that you listed in your profile. I do so wish Covid would quit rearing it’s ugly head and we could have more open events at the gallery again. Thanks so much for the enjoyment of exploring your work within your website!
 Darragh   2019-12-18 19:50:59 

Loved seeing your paintings at open studio!
 Tamara Logan   2018-06-03 19:05:56 

Hi Julie,
We enjoyed getting to meet you at the open stdio today. Lovely art!
 marte   2015-04-17 22:25:06 

hello, Juliet!
 Bev Gilbert   2014-10-09 10:17:09 

Hi Julie, always a pleasure to browse through your portfolio.  Vibrant landscapes with hints of orange showing through the greens and purples, lovely.  Keep up the good work.  Bev.
 Luc Reichert   2013-02-19 02:33:08 

hi julie,
thanks for your comment on paintings i love ; ))
beautiful page here ..
warm regards from Luxemburg ( Europe )

 mike strauss   2011-11-20 01:07:01 

hi julie
 Mary Davis   2010-06-10 17:37:36 

I enjoyed meeting you at the Open Studios this last weekend. I was hoping to come by this next week to perhaps purchase something, but it looks like you're not participating the 2nd weekend? Perhaps I'll try to catch you at some other show.
 Georganne Zaro   2010-05-23 19:22:08 

So nice to talk to you at the Berkeley Rose Garden.  I think you work is great.  I like your style.  

See you at the next paint out.

 Cristina Mevi   2009-01-01 10:05:10 

You paintings are really great .
 Parminder   2008-05-05 00:23:54 

hi, ms. mevi
I didn't know you painted?
Those are some really really nice paintings.
good luck.
 Ira   2008-04-07 12:10:23 


Very nice website.  I was hoping to attend an opening, but there is nothing on the calendar.
 Angelique   2007-08-29 21:44:27 

We met on the flight back from lisbon. I hope the school year has started out well for you. I checked out your website and love paintings. Can't wait to see some from our last trip. Keep up the great work.


 olivia schütz   2007-03-01 12:12:27 

hey julie,
this is the first time i get to see your pictures.. i was looking in google under mevi( for nono) and your homepage came up!
very nice job! :-) i love your paintings!
greetings from germany,
love olivia
 Elizabeth Shiflett   2006-01-30 14:45:29 

Hi Julie!

My mom told me about your site.  Congratulations!  You have progressed a lot and created some colorful sceneries.  It was inspirational seeing your art.

 michele Parant   2006-01-30 13:07:13 

Hi Julie
It was great to visit your site and admire your paintings, I wish I could do such things!!

You've got to come to visit in France, I'm sure you'll find good sources of inspiration.
 Jovanne Mevi-Schutz   2005-09-20 02:03:38 

Hi Julie,
What fun to get a chance to see some of your work. I especially love your paintings of Yosemite. Hope to view more in the future.
Love Jovanne
 Ikuko Boyland   2005-08-25 16:54:15 

Dear Julie,

Your paintings are very intriguing.  I wished you had a few more in the front page as many people would think that you only have two paintings listed.  Yes, I know there are other pages to view... however, the front page attracts people. I believe you are going to add more.

The first two images are especially interesting.
 Ray Goralka   2005-08-23 22:32:11 

Julie- What a great web page.  The time you spent in Yosemite produced some beautiful paintings. Seeing them makes me want to go back to the mountains again- Ray
 Joanne Corbaley   2005-07-11 08:12:08 

It was a treat to see a collection of your work.  And the work is very lovely, bold and colorful.  Congratulations.
 Beverly Gilbert   2005-07-10 20:28:50 

Julie: Congratulations on your new web page.  Your portfolio is an excellent overall samplying of your wide range of painting talent.  I especially enjoy your rich colors in the smaller palms and poppies.  Keep up the good work.  Beverly
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